From where I stand (or, SORRY, EVERYONE. I’m still alive. Promise!)

my home

My new apartment building.

Yes, the last time I updated my blog I wrote about covering the attorney general’s race in Montana.

It’s been a hot minute since then and I’m back in the sports world.


Me on graduation day.

Bringing you up to speed: In the spring semester (before I graduated!) I served as my student newspaper’s sports editor and took on a senior editing gig for the Montana Journalism Review. The latter proved to be the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had in my (very short) journalism career. Professor Henriette Löwisch tasked me every day to develop both the magazine and the website to its fullest potential. After all the dust settled and the magazine published, I’m now cursed with what feels like eternal free time. Damn you, Henni.  

What’s happening now: This past Monday I began an internship on the NBA desk at USA TODAY in McLean, Virginia. Similar to freshman orientations that happen around the nation each fall and spring, Monday started with the basic “here’s why you’re at the USA TODAY and here’s what you’ll be doing.”

Simple, I thought.

intern class

Gannett’s 2013 intern class.

As my day wound down, I sat in on my first sports budgeting meeting and afterward met my editor, Kevin Spain. He brought me to his desk where, after an eight-hour day, I was given my first assignment with the USA TODAY, a piece on Grant Hill’s and Jason Kidd’s retirement.

Fear not, fellow journos, the 12-hour work day is alive and well.

Before that: Lizzy Duffy and I drove across the country–Montana to Wyoming to South Dakota to Iowa to Wisconsin to Illinois to Indiana to Ohio to Pennsylvania to Virginia–for the beginning of my internship. It was miserable. (I got sick.)


Now entering Wisconsin.

I contracted some sort of life-shattering virus that kept me bedridden for a day and unable to drive. Beside that, the trip was highlighted by a stop in Chicago to hear a live Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me taping.  

What’s happening now: I’ve submitted my (3,000 word) NBA Mock Draft to my editor and am waiting for it to be published (read: cut to shreds).

But, tell me: How you livin’?

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Erik C. Anderson:

Well… I planned to blog about my D.C. trip to visit my lovely lady, but… she ousted me. Punk.

Originally posted on @lizzyduffy:

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’re probably well aware that Erik came to D.C. for a visit. It was just five quick days to celebrate my 23rd before we both had to get back to the real world — a day didn’t go by that he didn’t get a call or a text about newspaper stuff #thankyoumontanakaimin #lifeasajournalistsgirlfriend. He promises to come back and he will if he knows what’s good for him.

I had a long list of things to do, but we only got to a fraction due to our feet getting tired from walking everywhere (at one point when I was walking up the metro escalator for the umpteenth time, Erik grabbed my hand and said, “Stop. This is a service.”) and also to soak in the time that we had together. I think we hit less than half of the places on my…

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Well, that’s a wrap.

No champagne bottles popping yet.

It’s been awhile! Welcome back into a slice of my life, and where better to start than the biggest date of the year: Election Day.

Election night proved to be one of those moments in life where the goosebumps reappear and you feel like part of the greater good — at least that’s how I felt. President Barack Obama’s victory speech had me choked up, and for once, I really connected with each word. I know the various buzzwords are meant to illicit such a reaction, but I couldn’t help but smile and be proud of my country, if but for a night.

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So long for now, Germany

Officially I can say, after a little over a week back in the United States, I miss the laid-back, carefree nature of Deutschland. Over in Germany, my routine was based off which hour of the day I decided to indulge in a brew — the correct answer, of course, is any hour of the day, but I digress. The unique part of Germany, which made the trip truly unforgettable,  is the social component, something I haven’t quite been able to find Great Falls. No matter what day of the week, or where you wander, you are sure to run into young, compassionate people who would rather reestablish the Berlin Wall than miss an opportunity to connect with you. I cannot wait to go back.

With that in mind, here are a few stories along the way of my travels in Germany. There are always more to share, but in hopes of keeping this (somewhat) concise, I offer you a few of my favorites. Plus this trip needed some foreclosure, amirite?

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Touched down in Germantown: All things Marburg.


It’s about time I update ‘Murrica (USA! USA! USA!) with my German jaunt and… actually… you know… write in this blog (one day, I’ll even design it!!! #ambitionforlife). And by write in this blog I mean litter my text with YouTube videos and encourage you all to partake in a scavenger hunt of sorts. Also, I promise not to reuse every Instragram photo I’ve already posted. Alsoalso, this may or may not be the truth.  Alsoalsoalso, with my perpetual hangover comes constant scatterbrained thoughts.

Ready, go. 

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